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Eleanor burkett

My work re-traces and re-imagines the past through the paper pieces and textiles I create.’ 


Initially trained in Fine Art Textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Ellie’s interest in handmade paper took her to Fukushima, Northern Japan and Tokyo where she studied Japanese paper techniques and textile processes for several years. 


Ellie’s work uses layering, patching and stitching to symbolise memory and meaning. The fragmented and delicate nature of her work suggests the gaps and spaces in our dialogue with the past. Untold or incomplete stories are contained in the fragments of paper, old documents, tiles, stained glass and textiles she examines.  After a career in art education Ellie is metaphorically and literally ‘picking up the threads’ of her passion for paper and textiles working from a studio in East London.


Individual art work is formed through process-led and material based investigations using handmade paper, fabric, stitch and print whilst research into the unique paper textiles of the Tohoku region of Japan, shifu, woven paper cloth, and kamiko, paper garments, continues to shape and inform her practical work.


Image: Woven Word 

Photography: David Brunetti

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